Custom Trip

Seize the day and go wherever you want in Palawan with zero worries about how you'll get back to your hotel after a whole day of fun and exploration. Palawan's rich history, serene local life, magnificent rock formations, crystal waters, and rich marine life prove that the island is truly worthy of being on your travel bucket list. Some people want to experience Palawan exactly the way other tourists do by visiting top hot spots and closely following a list of the “the top things to do when in Palawan”. Meanwhile, others want to experience the island for themselves and deviate from what’s popular by going on discovery adventures for hidden beach spots and mingling with the locals. How you want to experience Palawan is all up to you! And we will be right here to accompany you wherever you want to go and make the most of your trip.

Our Custom Trip

Our transfer packages are fully comprehensive and customizable. Whether you have a complete itinerary you want to strictly follow, or rely on spontaneity for your trip, we will make sure that your transfer rides are nothing but safe, convenient, and comfortable. Our vehicles are all Toyota Hi-Ace GL Grandia 2017 models which are spacious enough to fit up to 12 people per group. It is also the perfect vehicle to take on camping trips as it can also fit your tents, grills, and other camping gear.

You will be accompanied by a professional and trustworthy Trip2Sea driver wherever you go. Our drivers are well-trained and know the winding routes of Palawan like the back of their hands. You can trust that they will take you back to your hotel or wherever you want to go next safely.
Trip2Sea packages are inclusive and can be customized to arrange anything including transfers from the Puerto Princesa airport to El Nido, round trips to your hotel, riding a minicouch to El Nido, hourly or daily driver service to your requested destinations, and all other transportation needs you have when you are in Palawan. Please contact us.
At Trip2Sea, we emphasize convenience. Book your transfer service through our website and receive instant confirmation in seconds. You can reach us through our live chat support feature for concerns and customized requests. As for the payment, you can opt to either pay via Paypal, credit card, or pay directly to your driver on the day of the transfer. We can also provide you with a copy of the BIR 2303 form and an official receipt upon request.

The next time you’re planning a trip to Palawan, make sure to book only with the island’s most reliable, convenient, and affordable transfer service—Trip2Sea!
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