Alternative Kitesurfing Spot in the Philippines

Published at January 27, 2020

When you look for kitesurfing or kiteboarding spots in the Philippines, you might find Boracay as the best spot for this sport. But due to its popularity, it is always crowded and filled with tourists and or kite surfers.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert level kite surfer, you will find it hard to surf peacefully in that area. But what to do if you want to learn or advance your skills peacefully? Do not worry.

Although El Nido is not considered the best spot for kitesurfing when the North-East monsoon wind blows (called “Amihan” in the local language), yet there is an ideal shoreline in the East of the El Nido town which is a perfectly peaceful and unpopulated spot for kitesurfers, the shoreline of San Fernando and Sibaltan. 

Best Kitesurfing Spots Philippines

Amihan blows from October to May with an air pressure of 12 to 15 knots (ideal for beginner and mediate level kitesurfers) in the shoreline of San Fernando and Sibaltan and reaches upto 20-30 knots (ideal for expert-level kite surfers) in December and January. The flat sand and shallow turquoise waters make it the perfect spot for kitesurfing during Amihan.

The ideal cross-shore and cross onshorewind in this shoreline is perfect for kitesurfing enthusiasts, unlike the Duli area on the West coast of El Nido where offshore wind blows with the risk of being blown away in the South China Sea in the case of losing control over the kite.

Most of the East coast is, however, hazardlessalong with no crowds and flat waters.

Another advantage of this shoreline is that it is only an hour away from the town on El Nido. When you are in El Nido, there are multiple ways of getting to this shoreline including car, van, motorbike or ferryboat, depending upon the number of people and preference.

But it is ideal for a group to take a private van and drive North-East from El Nido past the turn for Bucana then continue around to the South-East. Then turn for San Fernando towards Sibaltan to Qi Palawan resort which is located directly between San Fernando and Sibaltan shoreline.

(INSERT ROAD PICTURE) Most of the roads are paved and in good condition. Non-hotel guests are welcome at the resort with minimum expenditure of 700 Philippine Pesos (almost $14 US) which is not an entrance fee but consumable. You will find exotic drinks and food at the resort to spend it. If you are renting equipment for kitesurfing, you will already meet the minimum expenditure.

You can stay at the resort or join the nightlife of El Nido only an hour away. 

Another great news for international travelers is that at least 5 ATMs have recently been installed in the El Nido town and also in Lio and Nacpan. So there will be no issue of carrying extra cash or having limited money on you. Also, most of the hotels or resorts there have a good internet connection so that you can even pay online if you want.

In short, if you like to learn or advance your kitesurfing skill in a peaceful environment, the shoreline of San Fernando and Sibaltan in the East of El Nido is an ideal spot for you.

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