Palawan - Quick Glance

Published at January 21, 2020

The Palawan, known as the largest province and last frontier in Philippine, boasts fantastic natural habitats that make it one of the most visited places in the world by tourists. It is known as the largest province as it spans over 1.5 million hectares of land. Palawan is widely known to house thousands of islands that offer a form of escapism to adventurers. The azure waters, sparkling white sand and more make these islands all the more enticing to visit.

Best Places To Visit In Palawan

In this article, we will offer a guide and reasons why you should consider Palawan a tourist destination.

Underground River

One of the amazing wonders of the Philippines is the Underground River. This section of the Palawan Island is a hotspot for biodiversity conservation. One intriguing feature about this Palawan island spot is that the river flows slowly and empties directly into the South China Sea. 8.2 km in size, this river is the longest underground river in the world. It flows through the St. Paul Underground River directly into the sea.

Honda Bay

The Honda Bay is an awesome relaxation spot in Palawan you should visit to partake in a wide range of fun activities. Situated close to Puerto Princesa, it is a popular spot for recreation. Here, boats can be rented for commercial and subsistence fishing. Get the chance to see underwater gardens, play in white sands and more by visiting the Honda Bay. It packs lots of promises waiting for you.

Kitesurfing Palawan

Palawan Island has great spots for kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is one of the activities that mostly takes place in this tourist attraction center. The developed island makes it safe for this sporting activity. The wind is lighter here and the shore breeze is calm. For advanced riders, the water is flat with small waves on the outer reef that makes kitesurfing more lovable and enjoyable.

Port Barton

Port Barton, Palawan is another beautiful place to visit. A tiny village is a home to the indigenous people of Batak, Port Barton has pristine beaches and eco-friendly ambiance that makes it a nice place to visit in Palawan. The Resort & Turtle Sanctuary, Pamuayan Falls, Filipino Cuisine and more are some of the attractive places in Port Barton that make it worth visiting.


If you are looking forward to an island hopping in Palawan, then the Balabac is ideal for you. Balabac is a municipality in Palawan. It is a group of 31 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The friendly locals, wonderful marine activities, vibrant ecosystem makes this off-the-beaten-path island more enjoyable to stay.

Puerto Princesa

A coastal city on Palawan Island, the Puerto Princesa is a 1st class urbanized city that offers spots and activities to visit and enjoy respectively. Ranging from city touring and water sports, there are tons of activities to partake in, in the Puerto Princesa. The Kamia Bay Resort is a great attraction center to visit in the city center. Tourists can also enjoy some of the best Palawan cuisines in this area.

The Puerto Princesa houses the only airport in Palawan. It serves as the main gateway to the province.

Palawan Beaches

If it is sunny, pristine and serene beaches that you are looking for, Palawan Island does not disappoint. The beautiful and sparkling water surrounding the Palawan Island is one of its top attractions. The beaches are not far from the coast as the water bodies are a long narrow stretch. The beaches at Palawan are the dream beaches that anybody will want to be in.

Tubataha Reefs

The Tubataha Reefs offers a biodiversity spotlight in Palawan Island. This natural park is a protected area in the Philippines. Located in the middle of the Sulu Sea, it is regarded as one of the most remarkable coral reefs in the world. Here you will encounter a diverse range of marine lives including manta rays, turtles and more.

Palawan Water Activities

Have you ever imagined how beautiful and breathtaking the underwater sights are? The beaches in Palawan Island offer stunning and unique underwater sights. Divers and snorkelers will enjoy diving into the water bodies found on Palawan Island. It offers them a chance to immerse themselves fully into the water activities they are involved in.


For seafood lovers, the Palawan Island is a wonderful place for them to visit. Here, visitors can feast on well-prepared crabs, prawns, rock lobster, and more. There are local markets around where you can visit to search for fresh catches. The seafood here is tasty and worthy of eating.

Palawan Island is one of the most fascinating places that you can visit in the world. To do this you may require the assistance of a transport service. We offer a customized transport service north & south of Palawan province. Our major route is Puerto Princesa to El Nido, San Vicente, Port Barton & Sabang (Underground River).

Palawan Wildlife

Palawan Island is a hub of diverse wildlife. From the sea to the forests, it is not hard to come across varying species of organisms. While swimming, it is not difficult to escape coming across creatures such as lionfish, box jellyfish, stonefish, striped sea snake, stingray, and many more. These offer divers and swimmers so much to experience while they are undergoing their various water activities. One should always take precautions of venturing into these habitats of this eclectic island under the guidance of a tour guide.

The Beautiful El Nido

From the lofty Karst cliffs to the amazing sunny beaches, El Nido is a great place to visit in Palawan. It is a paradise such that tens of thousands of tourists visit this place on a monthly basis. It's a stunning place that it motivated Alex Garland to write The Beach novel.


Close to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, there is so much to explore in Sabang. There are beaches and zip lines to make your touring topnotch. The place with its breathtaking views is a perfect place for relaxation and spending quality time with loved ones.

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