How to Get to El Nido?

Published at January 10, 2020

How to get to El Nido Center?

Starting from the very beginning, being a foreign tourist, you will enter the Philippines by air and land in the Puerto Princesa (the capital of Palawan) international airport. Normally, most of the European and Western countries do not require any visa grant if the stay is less than 30 days which means that you can travel any time you want and will not have to wait for the visa to be approved.

Since El Nido is a remote area in the north-east of Puerto Princesa at a distance of about 260 kilometers, the most common, practical and economical way of getting there is through a private van. The concrete roads between El Nido and the capital are interconnected through a major highway which is the fastest route of traveling there. There are other ways to get there as well including public bus and private motorboat through the water.

But a public bus or van only sounds cheaper than it actually is while the private motorboat are full of uncomfortable and unwanted experiences. Also, these ways are much longer than it takes by using a private van to get there.

Getting to EL Nido

It is common among tourists to choose a van as a preference to travel to El Nido from the capital because it is comfortable as well as cost-effective. It takes almost 5 to 6 hours of road travel to El Nido through a private van. But the Google map shows about 4 ½ hours, right?

Yes, it does! But it does not consider the type of roads, the hills, and the stops that need to be made throughout the traveling. Starting from the Puerto Princesa North Road, the trip to El Nido will continue through Roxas town, San Vicente area, and Taytay town. A short stop is made about halfway to the destination for you to have some typical Filipino food or fulfill your other needs.

After the completion of the journey, you will arrive at the Corong-Corong bus terminal which is very close to the El Nido town proper. It is advisable to take a tricycle ride from the bus terminal to the town and avoid walking because there are no pathways for walking and it might expose you to accidents.

It is also advisable to keep some extra cash with you since there are no ATMs in El Nido and you might need to buy some essentials for visiting beaches and other places. Different tour routes are available depending upon the places you want to visit, for which you will find reasonable rides that will take you there and guide you throughout the journey.

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